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​​I was a little hesitant at first because I thought, “I have a history of music, why should I pay to have someone else teach my child nursery rhymes?” But as we attended the classes and practiced at home, it became clear that this class was more than simple nursery rhymes. My daughter learned how to sit and wait her turn, how to participate in a group and as an individual, how to anticipate rhythms and actions to songs, how to properly play a variety of basic instruments, and she learned it all while enjoying the music and having fun!


I started this class not really expecting a lot of progress- I mean how much good is a music class going to be for a 2 month old baby? However a couple of weeks into the class I could tell a complete difference. My baby was engaged during class, more alert at home, and totally loved when we would sing the songs at home! He soothes easier to music when he is fussy, and is so alert and happy during music class - I can't wait for class to begin again!




​Our 2 year old really enjoys music class.  He is a busy little guy and has a hard time sitting still, but loves anything musical. We had him listening to a variety of music styles since he was an infant and thought that a music class would be the obvious next step. He was nervous the first day, but with kind teachers and fun activities, it made it easier for him to feel comfortable. He loves listening to the songs on the CD and tries to teach other family members what he learned that day in class.  The songs are not simply nursery rhymes, they are full of rhythm, movements, and catchy lyrics to help young children be able to sing along. Like we said, our son has always liked music, but now he loves it.  He will drum on anything to make rhythmic beats, he dances to a variety of music, he will often ask what instrument is being played while listening to a song, and will even answer questions in different tunes. This was a fun and interactive way for him to explore his interests and to learn new things.

​Cortney & Jeff

We love music class!  It's a family affair with my husband and I and our two girls, one 3 year old and one 18 month old.  They love the structure of it.  The activities move quickly, especially with two teachers.  My daughters will break out in song outside of class and have a great sense of rhythm and beat.  They love it when it's their turn to play the instruments with the teachers.  It's so fun to see them grow musically at such a young age, especially since I love music so much!


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