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Suzuki Early Childhood Education



While studying violin in Germany, Dr. Suzuki struggled with the German language.  He was amazed at and envious of the little children that spoke so fluently.  It hit him one day: every German child speaks German! And every Japanese child speaks Japanese! Out of this simple realization his philosophy of teaching became known as the “mother tongue” approach.  His idea was to make music part of the home environment, immersing the child in the language of music.  Just like learning our native language, children first listen, then speak, then learn to read and write.

With Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE), the child listens at home to the CD and practices with a parent, as well as listening and observing in class.  Over time, the child internalizes the rhythm and meter of both music and the English language, building up an impressive list of abilities including: a large vocabulary, a sense of both pitch and rhythm, empathy for others, focus, coordination of both gross and fine motor movement, and self-confidence.

At Hand-in-Hand Music, using music and movement and simple instruments, we create a rich environment to immerse your child in music during class.  We then invite you to extend that environment to your home by both practicing class activities and listening to the CD and other quality music.  Mindfully experiencing the joy of good music together strengthens the bond and working relationship between parent and child, and develops countless abilities and nuances in your child’s developing mind and body.